3.7. Tagging

In Brushes, Gradients, Patterns and Palettes dialogs and some other dockable dialogs, you can define tags and then, you can reorganize items according to chosen tags only.

You have two input fields:

Figure 15.65. Tagging


[Note] Note

Since GIMP-2.10.4, the Fonts dialog also has Filter and Enter tag fields. But GIMP doesn't yet automatically generate any tags from fonts metadata.

Figure 15.66. Example


In this example, we defined a green tag for the Pepper and Vine brushes. Then, we entered green in the Filterinput field and so, only brushes with the green tag are displayed.

[Tip] Tip

To give several brushes the same tag at once, display brushes in List Mode, and use Ctrl+Mouse Left Button on the brushes you want to select.

You can delete tags: select a brush, then select a tag in the Enter tag field and press the Delete key. When this tag has been removed from all brushes, it disappears from the list.