5.23. Padding Color

Figur 16.62. Contents of the Padding Color submenu

Contents of the “Padding Color” submenu

You can change the color of the canvas which surrounds the image by using the Padding Color command. The canvas is the surface the image lies on. It looks like a frame around the image in the image window. This is just a matter of personal preference, since the padding color does not have any effect on the image itself. Please note that this color is not the same as the color used by the Fill tool.

5.23.1. Activating the submenu

  • You can access this submenu from the image menubar through ViewPadding Color.

5.23.2. Padding Color Options

From Theme

The color of the theme defined in Preferences Theme is used.

Light/Dark Check Color

The check representing transparency, which is defined in Preferences Display is used.

Custom Color…

Opens the Color Selector window to let you choose a color to use.

Keep Padding in Show All Mode

In the Show All mode you can see pixels outside the canvas. When this option is not checked, the area outside the canvas is filled with a checkerboard pattern, even if you have selected a custom padding color. When the option is checked, the canvas has the custom padding color.

As in Preferences

The color selected in the Image Window Appearance is used.