4.6. Skalér

Figur 14.134. The Scale tool in Toolbox

The Scale tool in Toolbox

4.6.1. Overview

The Scale Tool is used to scale layers, selections or paths (the Object).

When you click on image with the tool the Scaling Information dialog box is opened, allowing to change separately Width and Height. At the same time a Preview (possibly with a grid or an outline) is superimposed on the object and handles appear on corners and borders that you can click and drag to change dimensions. At center, a square with a cross inside, to move the preview (mouse pointer is a moving cross then).

4.6.2. Activating the Tool

You can access the Scale Tool in different ways:

  • from the image menu bar ToolsTransform ToolsScale,

  • by clicking the tool icon: in the Toolbox,

  • by using the Shift+S key combination.

4.6.3. Key modifiers (Defaults)


Holding the Shift key down will toggle the Keep aspect option.


Holding the Ctrl key down will toggle the Around center option.

4.6.4. Værktøjsindstillinger

Figur 14.135. Tool options for the Scale tool

Tool options for the Scale tool

Normalt vises værktøjsindstillingerne i et vindue under værktøjskassen, så snart du aktiverer et værktøj. Hvis de ikke gør, kan du få adgang til dem fra billedmenulinjen via VinduerDokbare vinduerVærktøjsindstillinger, som åbner indstillingsvinduet for det valgte værktøj.

Transform; Interpolation; Direction; Clipping; Show image preview; Guides
[Bemærk] Bemærk

These options are described in Transform tools common options.

[Bemærk] Bemærk

The Transform mode works on the active layer only. To work on all layers of the image, use Scale Image.

To scale a path, please refer to Transforming path.

Keep aspect (Shift)

When you move a corner of the selection frame, this option will constrain the scale such as the Height/Width ratio of the layer will remain constant. Note that this doesn't work with border handles. Note also that it toggles the linking chain in the dialog.

Around center (Ctrl)

When this option is enabled, you can scale from center, radially if Keep aspect is checked, else vertically or horizontally.

4.6.5. The Scale adjustment dialog

Figur 14.136. The Scale adjustment dialog

The Scale adjustment dialog


Here, you can set Width and Height you want to give to the object. The default unit of measurement is pixel. You can change it by using the drop-down list. These values are also automatically changed when you drag handles in the image. If the associated linking chain is broken, you can change Width and Height separately.

Readjust button

With this button, available since GIMP 2.10.10, you can reset the transform handles back to the original square shape, while keeping the current transformation and zoom level. This enables you to create more complex transformations by making the transformation in several steps.