8.57. Posterize

This tool is designed to intelligently weigh the pixel colors of the selection or active layer and reduce the number of colors while maintaining a semblance of the original image characteristics.

8.57.1. Activating the filter

You can find this command through ColorsPosterize…

8.57.2. Indstillinger

Figur 16.257. Posterize filter dialog

Posterize filter dialog


Presets are a common feature for several Colors commands. You can find its description in Afsnit 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.

Posterize Levels

Here, level means number of colors per channel .

This slider and the input boxes with arrowheads allow you to set the number of levels (2-256) in each RGB channel that the tool uses to describe the active layer. The maximum total number of colors is the combination of these levels. A level to 3 will give 33 = 27 colors.

Blending Options, Preview and Split view

These are common features described in Afsnit 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.

8.57.3. Example

Original image. A Colorcube Analysis of the original image shows a great number of colors.

Original image posterized in 3 levels. The Colorcube Analysis shows 11 colors (less than the possible number 27).