2. Configuration Folders

When first run, GIMP performs a series of steps to configure options and directories. The configuration process creates a a user-writable configuration directory named GIMP, with a per-version subdirectory, i.e. GIMP/2.10. All of the configuration information is stored in this directory. If you remove or rename the directory, GIMP repeats the initial configuration process, creating a new GIMP/2.10 directory. Use this capability to explore different configuration options without deleting your existing installation, or to recover if your configuration files are damaged.

The configuration folder will be stored in:

2.1. Tips and Tricks

Just a couple of suggestions before you start, though: First, GIMP provides tips you can read at any time using the menu command HelpTip of the Day. The tips provide information that is considered useful, but not easy to learn by experimenting; so they are worth reading. Please read the tips when you have the time. Second, if at some point you are trying to do something, and GIMP seems to have suddenly stopped functioning, the section Getting Unstuck may help you out. Happy Gimping!